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Bill Ayers sat on a board with an unrepentant Communist.

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    Barack Obama is standing by his “Spread the Wealth” comment. On Good Morning America, ABC News anchor Robin Roberts asked Barack Obama if he regretted the “spread the wealth” comment. Here is Obama’s answer:

     “Not at all. Look, if John McCain’s best argument is that he wants to continue the same Bush tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans, that in 2000 he himself opposed, and in the meantime, fails to give tax cuts to 100 million people in America that I would give tax cuts to John McCain’s going to have some problems. Because the American people understand that the way we grow this economy is from the bottom-up. And for us to want to continue to give tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthiest, instead of the middle class that are desperately in need of some help right now, would not only be bad for the families, it would be bad as the economy as a whole. It will prevent the economy from recovering. ”

Let me make a few points here. First of all, both candidates are going to continue the Bush tax cuts for the first two years of their term. The tax cuts won’t expire until 2011. Second, Bush cut taxes across the board and once the tax cut expires, it cause taxes to go up. That is raising taxes. Third, you can’t grow the economy from the bottom up by taxing the rich. Has anyone ever been given a job by a poor person? No. Also, tax hikes on the rich hurt the middle class because they cause jobs to be cut and prices to be raised. I love these campaign ads that Democrats have been using that point out that Republicans are trying to give tax breaks to companies that are sending jobs overseas. Jobs are going overseas because taxes are lower there. Is raising taxes more going to give them incentive to come back? Talk about keeping the economy from recovering. If you vote for this Communist, then you are slapping every soldier that died for our freedom since the American Revolution in the face.


Written by preservetherepublic

October 27, 2008 at 4:01 am

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