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Nancy Pelosi shoots herself and the economy in the foot.

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    I was curious enough to sit down and watch C-Span today. I was on the fence with the new bailout bill. On one hand, something needs to be done fast. On the other hand, the bill wasn’t good for the long term. I was watching the House today and listened to the debate. I was almost leaning towards hoping it would go through but then Pelosi spoke. In a time where bipartisanship is needed, Pelosi decided to get some shots in on the Bush administration (who supported the bill by the way). Her speech made me think, “Republicans should vote against this.” She made it as to where Republicans could not vote for it without it being an endorsement of the socialist Democrat way of thinking. Twelve Republicans evidently felt the same way that I did and voted it down because of Pelosi’s speech.

     Now, with that being said, you could make a good argument that the Republicans let their personal feelings get in the way of helping the economy. I will actually concede that for those twelve. However, most of the representatives had problems with this bill all of the way. They felt that it was too socialistic and gave the government too much control. Most Americans felt the same way about the bill so they were doing their jobs. I know that many of you liberal thinkers who can’t stand the free market are out there blaming the Republicans for the bills failure. However, let me call it to your attention that 95 Democrats also voted against it.  That means 40 percent of the Democrats in the House said no. What was there motive? Did they vote no just so the others could blame the Republicans later of were they genuinely opposed to the bill themselves? Hmmmm.

      Anyhow, I hope that it turns out that Pelosi just committed political suicide. She loves to call the Bush administration a failure, but how about her reign as Speaker. Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush. Pelosi may have talked the Republicans into voting no with her stupid lecture. Finally, why wasn’t she able to get enough support for the bill from her own party?


Written by preservetherepublic

September 30, 2008 at 6:16 pm

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