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Palin’s Insult to Community Organizers

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These comments by Sarah Palin put many people into an uproar, but go back and listen to them. Be honest. Is Palin really putting down on community organizers? No, she is defending her own experience against attacks from the left. It is Obama himself that made the term “community organizer” a joke. This was one of the few things he has listed that qualifies him to be President. Let’s make sure we also add to his résumé that he has run a Presidential campaign. Oh, we can’t add that wither really because he hires people to do that for him. As usual, the left missed the whole point. In fairness, does Palin have enough experience to be President? To be honest, I would say no. However, Obama doesn’t either. We have to ask ourselves this: Do we want a VP who needs on the job training or do we want a President who needs on the job training? The Vice Presidency is on the job training. We have to remember who is at the top of the ticket.
Now, for all of you offended community organizers out there. Please just calm down. America still loves you and we know that you are important to your community. But, it is quite a step up to be President. You should also have more than 3 years in the Senate too before you make your run for the Oval Office.
By the way, I just organized my closet. Can I get on the ballot now?





Written by preservetherepublic

September 7, 2008 at 10:12 pm

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